Text (SMS) Evangelism Year 2

This booklet is addressed to both believers in the Lord Jesus, and to those yet seeking to establish a relationship with Him as Lord and Savior.

To The Seeker

Perhaps you are examining this book because you are curious, and for some time now you have felt a vague emptiness in you that longed to be filled. Perhaps you have felt that you were somehow missing the truth, and have hungered for it. But where was it to be found? You are possibly not a Bible reader, and may never have been taught to be one. You may even be wishing you knew how to read the Bible, as it is often so difficult to read! Is there a way you can take small bites of it that you can easily chew on, and digest?

If you feel this way, perhaps this booklet can help you. It contains text messages that had earlier been sent daily to people like you, people hungry for God’s truths. Feeding on these truths daily have helped many, and has introduce them to the Bible, and encouraged them to look up the referenced verses, and to slowly learn to love God’s truths in the bible, until they found themselves literally feeding on God’s Word, as God commanded us to do!

So take this small booklet, you who are actually seeking the Lordship of Jesus. Read a verse a day. Allow God’s Word to minister to your hunger. Taste and see that the Lord is sweet, as a psalm invites us to do! Welcome to the Lord’s truths!

Psalms 34:8 Taste and see that the LORD is sweet; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him.

To The Believer

Do you have friends or loved ones who do not yet have a saving, living, personal relationship with the Lord Jesus, and therefore are devoid of the assurance that you yourself enjoy of your eternal salvation?

Have you longed for them to enjoy the Lordship of Jesus, urged them to read and discover God’s treasures in Scripture, only to see them remain uninterested, uncaring for God’s Word? Have you been rebuffed in your efforts to show them God’s truths as actually written in the Bible? Have you ever wondered how your friends and loved ones could somehow be exposed to Scripture, and actually learn to read it, even if it were only one verse a day?

I too have wondered, and I have found a precious way that can be very effective. Simply stated, it can be done by sending out daily bible-based text messages. Think of it! Most, if not all of our friends and loved ones have cell phones, so they are within our easy reach. A question we do have to face is: Are we willing to invest a peso a day toward their salvation? Most believers would readily reply with an enthusiastic affirmative!

So what could we be waiting for? Here in the pages of this booklet are text messages, earlier actually sent to various seekers of the truth. They have all been worded to include a suggested application to life, and a quoted Bible verse, all designed to fit within the 160-letter limit of text messages of cell phones.

It should be noted that due to this limiting factor, the Bible verses – taken from various translations – are sometimes shortened, while keeping the point of the message intact.

Note too that the frequent use in cell phone messages of abbreviations that often render the message unintelligible is avoided, except in the final “GUD AM & GBU!” meaning “Good Morning and God Bless You!”

If the text messages & Bible verses seem to you, the believer, somewhat basic & rudimentary, please remember that they are designed for those who know little of the Bible, if any.

To allow the start of the use of this booklet at any time of the year, the months into which the messages are divided are not named but simply numbered as Month No. 1, or 2, etc.
And so, may God bless you as you daily spread His Word to seekers of the truth! Be greatly comforted by God’s assurance that His Word will not return to Him until its purpose is achieved!

Isaiah 55:11 … my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me void, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.