Come Out Of Her, My People

Who will get to heaven? What is the popular opinion? The good, of course! One has to be good to get to heaven, everyone knows that.

If so, who are the good people? In fact, so we can be more precise, who are the best?

Most would answer that it is those who have studied the most about God. The religious. The priests and nuns. Even more assuredly, bishops, and cardinals.

If so, then the Pope would most surely be entitled to enter heaven! For no human is more holy than the Pope. His holiness – that is his title – is unassailable.

By our human standards and reckoning, we would mostly agree on this point. By our reckoning.

But perhaps we should ask God. He, after all, is the “proprietor” of heaven, and He should have a say on our human prognostications. Would God think that the Pope should merit heaven?

What does God have to say about this? Does He have anything at all to say on the matter? Perhaps in the bible?

Indeed God has something to say about the Pope and heaven! Surprised? You would be even more surprised at what He says about the matter! It will, in fact, astound you! You will find it absolutely incredible! But it is unquestionably there in the bible! Anyone can check and recheck it! It will render you speechless, and after due reflection, it cound change your life!

Curious? Read the whole story! This website offers you the whole book which I have written about this matter, and it can be read in whole, or you can even download it, for free! Why am I doing this? Because my own life was changed and immensely blessed by this realization, and I want you to be blessed in a similar way.