A Dawning of Wisdom

Because I Love You In The Lord…

At my age, in my mid-70s, I know I don’t have much time left on this earth. Before I reach the end of my life, may I do something for you?

Can I share with you a most precious discovery I have made, that there is a way to find, for certain, the narrow gate and difficult path that leads to heaven and which Jesus encouraged us to find, in Matthew 7:13-14?

Yes, it turns out that we can be sure of getting to heaven! Not because I say so, but because God said so!

And so I offer you this book file. It tells you of my startling discovery – truly a pearl of great price – and it is my gift to you.

Because I want you to become absolutely certain you will go to heaven after you die, as I myself am now certain!

Would you give this message, from God’s bible, some serious thought? It would be my great joy to be reunited with you in heaven, after both you and I have finished our lives here on earth!

God bless you!

Rene Valdes